Skills :

ASP.NET 3.5 (with C#), Microsoft SQL SERVER, AJAX, JQuery, Web services, LINQ, Multi file upload

Functional Aspects :

Manage all activities of a Music Band, Manager user or member of band with different role and rights, Manage Gigs, You tube API implementation, Flickr API implementation, Google calendar API implementation, Email and SMS management, Social networking like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace API implementation, Manage Finance information of band and display of summary in charts, Manage Band fans and Social network sites’ fans, Manage Merchandise, Upload multiple files of band and manage those files folder-wise through tree view structure, User can set theme of the whole site as per his/her liking

Description :

This is a site developed for management of the Music Bands. The Band Agent site is for managing Bands, in that you can manage your gig, tours, events, manage social network, money, fans, calendar, tasks etc.

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