Facebook is one of the most-used social networking sites in the online world. Facebook is accessed by millions of users, including people of all age groups. In order to enhance online businesses, we help our clients to develop Facebook related applications. By Implementing Facebook API, you will be able to:

  •   Register and/or login using facebook account
  •   Getting timeline details from facebook account
  •   Getting timeline details from facebook page
  •   Posting timeline details to facebook user account as well as page
  •   Getting allowed account details from facebook along with videos and photos.
  •   Facebook to Website (Widgets & Feeds)

By integrating twitter with your site, you allow people too much more easily follow what YOU are doing, and what is happening on your site. By integrating Twitter API, you will be able to:

  •   Register and login using twitter
  •   Getting tweets from twitter(using REST API)
  •   Posting tweets to twitter(using REST API)
  •   Twitter to Website (Widgets & Feeds)

Youtube is an essential part of marketting your service, we have skills to set static video links, implementing dynamic modules for showing videos, as well as we have work to set youtube account from website and allow end user to upload videos to web server as well as Youtube.

  •   Set account from website to youtube using OAuth API
  •   Uploading videos to Youtube account
  •   Loading and showing videos to site from Youtube Account.

Flickr is very flexible photo gallery site. It will allow you to login, upload and share photos with their site as well as using API. We have implemented modules to allow user to upload, share photos from website:

  •   Login and exchanging token with Flickr using API
  •   Uploading photos to Flicker account
  •   Loading and showing photos to site from Flickr Account.
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